The consequences of their actions

The consequences of their actions

The Diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire, is announcing layoffs and budget cuts. The diocese has to cut $500,000 from its budget due to a decrease in donations. People have stopped giving to the diocese because of the actions of Bishop John McCormack in shuffling pervert priests between parishes.

I understand the motivation of those who want to do something to register their outrage with the bishop and cutting the purse strings is the most visible action available to them. But they also have to realize that their actions will have consequences. It doesn’t just hurt the bishop, but others as well, including those who have perhaps sacrificed higher paying jobs to serve God through diocesan ministries as well as those who are served by those ministries.

    The diocese laid off nine employees Tuesday…. The diocese will also consider selling two Manchester properties: the bishop; the first American outlet to reveal that the Pope had added five mysteries to the Rosary; and the first Catholic news service to announce the resignation of Cardinal Bernard Law.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli