Isolating and gender-biased

Isolating and gender-biased

A Boston College graduate living in Oregon opines that the reason for the Scandal is the Church’s teachings on sex. Not exactly an original thought, but Michael Murphy struggles mightily to dig the hole of asinine analysis ever deeper.

He says that because the path to the priesthood is “both isolating and gender-biased,” it leaves priests were poor sexual development and identity. Yeah right. So, by that measure, since the life of the religious sister is gender-biased, does that mean the same thing happens to her? How about motherhood? Does the fact that it is “gender-biased” leave mothers with poor sexual development and identity? He then veers way off course with some bizarre comments about Augustine.

Since the fifth century, when St. Augustine, classically educated in the Greek traditions of separating the mind from the body, won his personal battles with the married clergy of his day (most notably the married Bishop Julian of Eclanum), sexual intercourse and sexuality have been tied to his theories of original sin.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli