Is the Pope weighing in?

Is the Pope weighing in?

Pope John Paul II received the bishops of the provinces of Indianapolis, Chicago, and Milwaukee for their ad limina visits on Friday (every bishop in the world is required to meet with the pope every 7 years). In his address to them, the Pope said the following:

“The profession of the Catholic religion demands of every member of the faithful a consistent witness to the truth of the Gospel and the objective requirements of the moral law. As you strive to fulfill the Apostle’s charge to ‘preach the word, be urgent in season and out of season, convince, rebuke and exhort’ (2 Tim 4:2), may you be ever more united in spirit…”

Does that sound like a reference to their duty to stand up for the Catholic faith in the face of public scandal by pro-abortion Catholic politicians? It does to me. Although I suppose that if there’s any question as to what he’s addressing, some bishops will find a way to weasel around it.

The full address follows below: