Intellectual pride goeth before stupidity

Intellectual pride goeth before stupidity

Mark Shea continues the most enjoyable sport of the season of chronicling the Left’s self-immolation after the election. The confusion among our “betters” is just so hilarious, and how can you resist an essay in which Mark begins:

As I watch the Left ask “What went wrong?” in the election aftermath, I am reminded of an incident a few years back, in my native Seattle, when some tourist returned from the former Soviet Union with a ten ton statue of Lenin.

That’s a great essay opening. What he goes on the explain is that all these liberals proclaim themselves intellectuals and thus can’t understand why they lost, while Mark explains that being an intellectual doesn’t mean you’re not stupid.

It recalls George Orwell’s quote: “You have to be an intellectual to believe such nonsense.  No ordinary man could be such a fool.”