In the grand scheme, it’s not important

In the grand scheme, it’s not important

Fr. Wilson responds to the irrelevance and inanity of the US bishops meeting at CWN’s Off the Record by reminding us that whatever the conference does or does not do, the Church goes on. The Winter may come, but the Springtime of renewal always follows.

This is the way it is, my friends—the cross is the gift God gives to His friends, as the Cure of Ars once said. If you prefer W.C. Fields, I believe it was he who said, “That’s the way the cookie crumbles.” Let them meet, let them deliberate, let them publish position papers on whatever they care to, enlighten the western world on the economy, and peace, and racism, and add another twelve volumes to the Lectionary, and eliminate more holy days, and solemnly authorize us to high-five each other at the sign of peace. Whatever they choose to do is so utterly beside the point that our best refuge from the anger they might provoke within us is hilarity at such idiocy.

It may sadden me to think that while they fiddle, many Catholics abandon their faith, uninspired and given no reason to do otherwise because people think the Church has nothing important to say to them. Yet, I know God is merciful and just and while such burdens may come, he takes those into account and apportions them as righteousness.

I know that priests and bishops are in my daily prayers, silly as they may be. Are they in yours?