I’m sorry but that does make you uncool

I’m sorry but that does make you uncool

Wired magazine has an article on Hilary Rosen, head of the Recording Industry Association of America, the group that destroyed Napster (not unjustified in my opinion) and wants to make it nearly impossible for you to copy your CDs onto your computer or MP3 player without paying heap-big-cash (not justified in my opinion). The funniest part of the article (unintentional I assume) is this one:

    Hilary Rosen would prefer it if the world’s youth didn’t think she was hopelessly uncool. She has an iPod. She counts both Al and Tipper Gore, as well as the rapper Chuck D, among her close friends. She helped found Rock the Vote, for God’s sake.

Citing your friendship with Al and Tipper not only doesn’t make you cool, it makes you hopelessly uncool. So uncool that if you attended the local Windows XP user group meeting when it was discussing registry hacks and downloading Pamela Anderson pictures, you would still be the uncoolest person in the room.

And not knowing this fact makes you even more uncool.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli