“I’m no hero”

“I’m no hero”

I give Jessica Lynch credit for trying to set the record straight. (By the way, notice that ABC News uses a lurid detail in the headline that has little to do with the article.)

Jessica tells the reporter that she didn’t fire a single shot, that her weapon jammed immediately, and that the real heroes were her friends who died, the troopers who rescued her, and the Iraqi doctor who risked his life to alert US soldiers to her location.

It’s interesting that the pretty white girl has been the object of the media frenzy, but Lori Piestewa, an American Indian who died fighting, and Shoshanna Johnson, a black woman who was also an injured POW, have been virtually ignored. The media likes to hint that Americans are prejudiced, but perhaps they’re just projecting their own prejudices on the population. Their self-righteousness is hollow.

By the way, the real hero of the ambush may have been PFC Patrick Miller.

[Link via Mark Shea.]
Written by
Domenico Bettinelli