I’m back (obviously)

I’m back (obviously)

Jury duty was long and uneventful. I sat in a small, hot, windowless room with about 20 other people for four hours until they told us to go home. I was a little disappointed not to get a trial, but I take to heart the admonition that just our presence and willingness to serve often compels people facing trial to plead out.

On the positive side, I did finish the book I was reading, When Character Was King. It’s an excellent book and I will provide a full review later. Suffice to say for now that it’s more than a biography of Ronald Reagan; it’s a study of a man of great character, a simple man who did great things. Reading this book after eight years of Clinton provides more than ever a glimpse into why, despite his larger-than-life personality,  Clinton was a much smaller man than Reagan.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli