I’m back

I’m back

What a great weekend! I love Maine in the summer, especially the Mid-coast area. I’ll have some pictures up later so you can see what fun I had, but short recap: We camped at Camden Hills State Park, a beautiful quiet place right off Route 1 at the base of Mt. Battie. On Saturday night we went for a sunset windjammer cruise in Penobscot Bay.

Went to Mass at the Saturday vigil in Our Lady of Good Hope parish. The new pastor who’s being installed next weekend is very nice. His homily was good, hitting all the main points on the Gospel, without once saying that the “real” miracle of the fishes and loaves was everybody sharing what they had. And we chatted before and after Mass about the plight of Red Sox and praying for “hopeless causes.”

The nice part about traveling with people who haven’t been to that part of Maine is seeing it through their eyes for the first time. I’ve been going to the Camden-Rockport-Rockland area since i was born (and still love it), but to be able to show it to others the first time and see their delighted reactions is a real blessing.

So enough about my weekend… what did I miss? Oh yeah, and I have over 400 spam to deal with. Yes, 400!