If it’s Monday, it must be bash-Burke day

If it’s Monday, it must be bash-Burke day

Just a few days ago, the St. Louis newspapers were praising the archdiocese’s new archbishop-elect, Raymond Burke, with the compliments given to him by those who have worked with him. But now the tide has turned. Now, he is called a “true believer,” with scare quotes implied if not actually used, as if someone who actually believes what he professes is some kind of scary jihadist.

And, get this, he is criticized for reading his homilies word for word, rather than making it up as he goes along. I’d rather have one uncharismatic, stolid, but solidly orthodox and, most importantly, holy bishop than a dozen entertaining, affable, smooth-talking, but slippery and heterodox bishops. That’s not to say that Bishop Burke is not charismatic, but he’s no politician.

But, horrors!, he has suggested that Catholic politicians should integrate their professed faith with the rest of their lives, that Catholics should practice what they preach, that they should remain in union with Pope John Paul, that the Church’s teachings are Truths given to mankind by God.

If the intensity with which the mass media is trying to undermine Bishop Burke before he arrives in St. Louis is any indication, he’s going to be a very good bishop for the archdiocese.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli