Some good news from Iraq for a change. This is the type of thing the media should be reporting. Two Army soldiers received the Soldiers Medal, the highest noncombat award, for heroism. They saved four helicopter pilots injured when their aircraft collided.

The canopy was still intact and restricting access to the cockpit, Quinn said. Both pilots were trapped as the flames continued to build. If the scene was not chaotic enough, a C-130 Hercules transport plane landed on the runway just feet from the scene, and the wingtip passed within feet of the burning wreckage, causing huge vortices that fanned the fire.

Firefighters arrived within moments of the collision and began spraying down the wreckage, which tended to push the flames toward the pilots. The flames were channeled up and over the aircraft, singeing the rescuers’ hair, but the two remained steadfast.

More stories like this are available on that Defense Department web site. At least in the Internet age, you can get your news from someone other than the mainstream media gatekeepers.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli