Here’s a surprise

Here’s a surprise

Surprise, surprise. The UFO cloning cult now says it won’t allow DNA testing on the supposedly cloned baby. They say that a lawyer’s request of a court to take custody of the baby because her very creation is abuse prompted them to re-think the testing. The lawyer argued that because human cloning creates lifelong medical problems, the girl needs court-appointed guardians.

My opinion is that the cloning is a hoax, but that shouldn’t prompt us to let our guard down. Eventually, someone will develop the technology to clone living human beings. But right now, they have the technology to clone babies in order to kill them as embryos to take their stem cells. And some of the cloning bans being proposed still allow this cloning-abortion. We need to pressure our elected representatives not to settle just for a ban on reproductive cloning, but also on so-called therapeutic cloning. (It’s certainly not therapeutic for the dead baby.)

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli