Hate crimes against Christians

Hate crimes against Christians

A gay man approached a Christian man at his home to try to convince the Christian that he was a closeted homosexual and should embrace his “true” orientation. In a fit of rage, the Christian beat, tortured, and finally killed the homosexual. What, you haven’t seen this in the papers? That’s because it didn’t happen that way.

As Rod Dreher of National Review reports, the case is really about a 51-year-old Catholic woman who was trying to convince her 19-year-old co-worker to give up his homosexual lifestyle. Rather than tell her to take a hike, the man attacked her, beat her until he was tired, then tied a plastic bag over her head until she died. He later confessed to the whole thing.

But you won’t read about it in the major media or see it on television. I’ve seen it just once on the Associated Press wire, but nothing more after that. See, it doesn’t fit the media bias. When straights beat up gays, that’s news. When Christians “attack” non-Christians, again that’s news. When two black men assault two white men and three white women, rpae the women, and then execute all but one (that was a story I only saw recently on Fox News) that’s not news.

That’s the problem with hate crimes legislation. For one thing, it tries to prosecute based on thoughts and until there are a lot more Vulcans running around, we don’t know what people are thinking. For another, the motivation for the crime is irrelevant, only that the crime is committed. Otherwise you end up with special punishment for those who commit politically incorrect crimes as determined by the elites, but little if no outrage for those who commit “regular” crimes.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli