Hard things must be said

Hard things must be said

I’ve seen a lot of comment around the blogosphere about a satirical Planned Parenthood poster campaign in which some people tried to make fun of PP’s actual poster contest for teens by making posters that illustrate what PP really does: kill children. Some people are upset by the satire and others are now apologizing. What’s most interesting is that some people are saying that it hurts women who have had abortions to see this. (That link is to Mark Shea’s comments box.)

    I’ve had experience with someone who has an abortion who is part of a church.  I remember all the services I’ve had to listen to about abortion being so wrong.  I felt sorry for anyone in the church who had to go through it.  It is a hard enough decision to make without others thinking that they must point out the errors of your way.  If we were the loving people we claim to be, shouldn’t we be listening and praying for people rather than bring up all the past which God has forgiven them for?

I’m sorry, but sometimes hard things have to be said about evil. And if you were a participant in or victim of that evil, we’re sorry, but we can’t be silent because of it. What if the topic were the Holocaust? Should we not denounce the Holocaust to avoid causing any survivors of the concentration camps having to remember their experiences? Was the movie Schindler’s List not an appropriate means to illustrate the evil of the Nazi way?

Again, I’m sorry for any woman who has had an abortion and later repented of it, but you must take responsibility for your own actions and not demand that others remain silent in the face of the evil that is abortion for the sake of your comfort.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli