Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy 2003, everbody. I hope your New Year’s Eve and Day went well. Mine was fun. After Mass on the Eve, I traveled to my sister’s house in Maine with my other sister and her husband and some friends. We played football video games on the big screen TV, ate the ton of food my sister made, watched the second half of the mediocre Arnold Schwarzenegger film “Sixth Day,” and then tried to stay awake until Dick Clark counted down from 10. It was a quiet time, but I don’t get all that excited about New Years anymore.

Yesterday, however, was very fun. Down the street from my sister’s house is a snow park where the half snowtubing runs. For those of you from tropical climes, snow tubing involves a vaguely-auto-tire-like tube and a large hill. This place had a tow rope that would drag you uphill in your tube, eliminating the worst part of sledding and tubing. The fun things about tubing is that because the thing is round, you have no real control over the direction yu face, unless you know a little about aerodynamics or you throw out your feet like anchors. (I preferred laying down on the tube to sitting up on it.)

Appealing to my stunt man nature, the best part was the wipeouts. On the half-pipe, I went up too high on the side, caught an edge, and flipped over and over. Mary Jo went right over the edge, flipped upside down and landed on her head. Pete and Paul wiped out too. In fact, we crashed so much on that one trail that they closed it down as too dangerous. After that it was back to my sister’s house to change, play Parcheesi (my first time; the game took forever), and head home.

It was a fun two days, tamer than past new years, but then standing in freezing temperatures, drinking too expensive beer, and getting excited about kissing someone (if you have a sweetie) or desparately seeking someone to kiss (if you don’t), is no fun anymore. Um, it wasn’t even fun in the first place.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli