Happy Mother’s Day from a former body part

Happy Mother’s Day from a former body part

Did you know that you were once a body part of your mother? I know some smart guy just said something like, “Yes, you’re a boob.” Very funny.

But really, the Supreme Court of Connecticut says that unborn children are body parts. Body parts with unique genetic codes developing into rational, thinking people. This raises an interesting legal question for Siamese twins: Could one twin claim the other is just a body part and have him killed? Of course, the other could do the same, so it might be a matter of who files the petition before the court first.

Do you see the ridiculousness that the pro-abortion culture, and especially pro-abortion laws, have gotten us? The chief justice of the Ct. Supreme Court actually said, “In other words, the fetus may both be a part of its mother as well as its own individual being.” There is no basis for such a claim in biology, theology, philosophy, or any other historical discipline. But such a construct must exist in order to get around the fact that we want to be able to kill unborn children with a clear conscience.

The asinine ruling stems from a case in which the father of an unborn child didn’t want the mother to give birth so he surreptiously fed her labor-inducing drugs. He argued that he could not be charged with aggravated assault since the drugs would only harm the baby, not the mother. What to do? Technically, he was right. It was only ulcer medication. Yet, something within all of us—our consciences, perhaps?—revolt at the idea of letting this guy get away with it. It’s just not right. The only problem is that our legal system, crafted for our convenience and selfishness, would allow him to get away. So we construct the ridiculous idea that the unborn child is a body part, charge him with assault, and go home happy that the man is punished for trying to abort a child while thousands more a legally killed today.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli