Good old Massachusetts

Good old Massachusetts

Just what you’d expect from Massachusetts Democrats. They’re blocking a resolution in the state Legislature to express support for President Bush and the troops. The liberals, showing that partisan politics trumps every other concern, don’t like having a non-binding, purely symbolic resolution that would say anything good about Bush.

    “A lot of people throughout the Commonwealth had very strong opinions—on both sides—of whether we should go,” Demakis said. “The best way to unite is to do something that is limited to expressing our clear, unequivocal support for the troops. We should just express our support and leave divisive issues behind.”

Only a liberal would find expressing support for the Commander-in-Chief in time of war to be divisive.

    Republican leaders reacted with bewilderment yesterday, saying that the resolution represents a politically neutral point of view and is based almost verbatim on a resolution that passed the US Senate 99-0 last Thursday. House minority leader Bradley H. Jones Jr. vowed to push the matter tomorrow and said a resolution that supports troops but not the cause they’re fighting for has the potential of being meaningless and even insulting.

Even Ted Kennedy got behind the same resolution in the Senate. What that means is that we have legislators in Massachusetts that are even more liberal than The Swimmer.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli