Good news for Mass. citizens

Good news for Mass. citizens

The Boston Herald is reporting that Gov. Mitt Romney will dissolve the MDC. For those who don’t know, the MDC is the Metropolitan District Commission, an entity created by the Legislature decades ago for the purpose of stashing all kinds of hacks, former pols, relatives, and assorted beneficiaries of nepotism. It managed parks and recreation areas (although we already have a state park system), had a police force (although we already had the state police), controlled the massive Quabbin reservoir (although we already have the Mass Water Resources Authority), and so on.

In what’s being called the largest reorganization of state government in decades, Romney will slash the MDC from the budget. You can’t imagine the joy and hope that brings to my heart. Is it possible that we will finally see someone who can clean up state government in the Corner Office of the State House? After decades of ineffective Democrat and Republican governors, have we finally found someone who can actually be the chief executive of the state. We’ll find out more tonight when Romney gives a much anticipated televised address.

I’m so excited.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli