God rest his soul

God rest his soul

Bishop James Hoffman of Toledo, 70, died on Saturday of cancer. He had served as bishop of the diocese since 1981.

His death brings to five the number of empty US sees. There are also nine more sees who’s bishops are past the retirement age of 70. Cardinal Bevilacqua of Philadelphia is about to turn 80 meaning he won’t be able to vote in a conclave. (Thanks to Ed Peters for the data.)

By my reckoning we haven’t had a bishop assigned to a vacant see since Cardinal Law resigned. Bishop Vigneron was assigned as coadjutor for Oakland which means there is already a diocesan ordinary there. I think the Vatican may be holding back to wait for the Scandal to shake out or because they’re being so cautious about elevating a priest or reassigning a bishop who has “problems” related to the Scandal.

Anyway, for your information, episcopal appointments for the US generally come down from the Vatican on Tuesdays.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli