Blame the victim

Blame the victim

A visiting Polish priest was arrested in New Britain, Connecticut, on Christmas Eve for having sex with a teenage girl, which he admitted to police. The girl was referred to him for counseling over a previous sexual assault and he said he had sex with her to show her that not all sex with men is bad. Under Connecticut law, it is illegal for a counselor, whether secular or clergy, to have sex with someone seeking therapy or assistance.

Now we hear that the American pastor of the parish called the girl a “tramp” and said it may all have been a plot for financial gain. The Archdiocese of Hartford has apologized to the girl.

    The Rev. John Gatzak, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Hartford, said he could not confirm if church officials have spoken with Wysocki or reprimanded him for the comments the priest made to The Herald, including calling the victim “a tramp,” following services at the Sacred Heart Church Sunday. When speaking with The Herald, Wysocki hinted that the allegations were driven by greed and the victim and her family made the claim for a financial gain. ... He refused to elaborate on his speculations, saying “I believe thereg to signthe Kyoto Protocol.

    Now I’m not basing this on a single study of the ice sheets, but on the totality of evidence that we’ve seen over the years that eco-wackos have denied and ignored, but which says that environmental changes are not caused by man.

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Domenico Bettinelli