Getting closer…

Getting closer…

Two days ago, I blogged that the Boston Globe was ignoring a major factor in story about the late Fr. William Cummings and his alleged abuse of Paul Edwards, namely that Cummings died of AIDS and was allegedly well known by people in his parish as a homosexual who took time out from his priesthood in the 80s to live that lifestyle. Perhaps because the Globe doesn’t like to link homosexuality and the sex abuse scandal.

Today, the Globe makes the situation even worse. In the story, the newspaper hints that Cummings was considering leaving the priesthood because he felt he was living hypocritically. But without knowing the whole story, you are left with the impression it was because he was a pedophile—i.e. attracted to children—not that he was a homosexual attracted to young men.

It surely doesn’t take a master journalist to interview some people in his former parish or to look up a death certificate to find some of this out. Unless of course you don’t want to know.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli