George Will on the irrelevance of the UN

George Will on the irrelevance of the UN

George Will, in his usual style, unmasks the UN for what it is—an obsolete institution that is still founded on political realities of a half century ago that no longer exist today, and now exists solely as a means to counter traditional morality, American power and influence, and a certain sovereignty of nations. For example, Will skewers the oft-repeated phrase, “the international community.”

    Certain political phrases become, through mindless repetition, cant that bewitches the intelligence. One such phrase is “the international community,” which is oxymoronic because “community” denotes unity based on shared political interests and cultural values. And beware of political entities absurdly named. Just as the Holy Roman Empire was neither holy nor Roman nor an empire, the United Nations is a disunited collection of regimes, many of which do not represent the nations they govern.

He also asks pertinent questions, such as why France a nation of 60 million has a veto in the Security Council, but India, a democracy of 800 million, or Brazil, a democracy of 167 million, do not.

It is just as instructive to see that defiance of the Security Council, a minority of the nations of the world, to enforce its own resolutions by a coalition of at least 30 nations is considered “unilateral action” or defiance of the “international community.” The Security Council is no more the “international community” than the New York Yankees are Major League Baseball.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli