Geoghan made me do it

Geoghan made me do it

A guy in prison for murdering an elderly woman 20 years ago says that the abuse he suffered at the hands of pedophile-priest John Geoghan was indirectly responsible for the crime. No buddy, you’re directly responsible. Being sexually abused by someone else is not a license for you to suspend the moral law or to pass on the blame. The Parole Board denied his request for a public hearing to start the commutation process. Despite his lawyer’s claim that he has become a better man in prison, the board correctly recalls the savagery of the murder as he beat the 80-year-old woman to death while she screamed for mercy.

Better behavior later in life doesn’t excuse the crime. Some crimes demand life in prison no matter how nice of a person you become later. Besides, his attempt to blame someone else for his own actions is evidence that he hasn’t truly reformed or taken responsibility for what he did.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli