Fruits on the family tree

Fruits on the family tree

A UFO cult is set to claim today that it has cloned a human being:

    HOLLYWOOD, Florida (Reuters) - A company associated with a group that believes extraterrestrials created mankind was set to announce Friday that it had produced the first clone of a human being.

    The company, Clonaid, was to announce at a news conference later Friday that it had cloned a baby girl who appeared to have been born healthy. The company said it would hold a news conference in Hollywood, north of Miami, at 9:00 a.m. EST.


    Clonaid is linked to a sect called the Raelians, whose founder, Claude Vorihon, describes himself as a prophet and calls himself Rael. The group believes cloning could extend human life for hundreds of years.


    The Raelians, who claim 55,000 followers around the world, believe life on Earth was sparked by extraterrestrials who arrived 25,000 years ago and created humans through cloning.

My boss asks a good question: How did the aliens clone a creature (humans) that didn’t yet exist?

The sad thing is that these cloned children are going to live short, pain-filled lives full of medical problems. Scientists cloning animals have said that the process is still full of problems and that many clones develop genetic defects and die young. So, these poor children will be sacrificed for the bizarre beliefs of this cult. But then, as a society, we sacrifice children for convenience through abortion, and for selfishness through in vitro fertilization (all the embryos that die after implantation or are discarded) and medical research (killing them for their stem cells so we can be cured of diseases). Is it any wonder that when the unborn are treated as objects and discarded, that the newborn will eventually be treated the same way?