Fr. Benedict Groeschel

Fr. Benedict Groeschel

I’ve just received word that Fr. Benedict Groeschel was in a car accident in Florida on Sunday and that he is in critical, but stable, condition and in intensive care. The report said he has a broken arm, broken leg, and other injuries, and is awaiting surgery.

You may be familiar with Fr. Groeschel from his many appearances on EWTN or his many books. I have not confirmed this report independently yet, but I thought I should get everyone praying at least until I do.

Update: Here’s the latest information I have. Fr. Groeschel’s injuries are worse than initially thought. He has broken both arms and legs and several ribs, has intracranial bleeding, and suffered a heart attack. His secretary has said that “it will take a miracle” for him to survive. Apparently he was struck by a car as he walked to a restaurant near Orlando airport. Keep praying for the intercession of Cardinal Terence Cooke, whose cause for canonization Fr. Groeschel has been the principal advocate.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli