Fog stories

Fog stories

Fog on a stretch of I-68 in western Maryland caused a 100-car pileup and left two people dead. That reminds me of a similar incident along the same stretch of road, which I think was in the Big Savage mountain range.

We had four or five cars of students traveling from Steubenville to Baltimore for the Catholic Campaign for America’s student conference. As we drove into the mountains, the fog became thicker and thicker until at one point—for about 100 yards—it was so thick and we were driving so slow I could have got out and run alongside. Each car in the group was following the taillights of the one in front, but the front car could see nothing, not even the lines of the road. We had started in the left line, but as we pulled out of the fog we were all the way in the right lane and headed for a steep embankment. We could have driven right off and all the cars behind us would have followed. Thank God for guardian angels.

I will never drive in fog that thick again. Getting where I want to go on time is not worth it.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli