Flying the barking skies

Flying the barking skies

(I’ve been away the past four days at the International Catholic Stewardship Council conference in Chicago, but I didn’t post anything about it here for obvious reasons, i.e. Melanie and the girls being home alone.)

As I waited in the boarding area for my flight at O’Hare, I heard a yip-yip noise.

“Oh a child on my flight. Well, at Christmastime we’re that family so I can be patient.”

Then I heard more yipping.

“Wait, that’s no child. It’s a lap dog. On my flight. I hope they sit far away from me.”

Later as I board the plane:

“There’s the woman with the dog. Oh no, she’s near my row. … Oh NO. She’s. Sitting. Next. To. Me!”

In the end, the dog wasn’t that bad although I think some of the others on the flight overreacted. I could tell she was anxious because of the reaction of the people. She was nice, asked me if I had allergies, and wanted to sit in an empty row if the plane wasn’t full. (It was.) And there was some yapping, but not much overall.

Frankly, the Red Sox game was more distressing. That’s the funny part about flying Jet Blue into Boston when the Sox are playing in the playoffs. Nearly every seat-back TV was tuned to the game and every time Tampa Bay scored, there was an audible groan throughout the plane.

Wish I could have experience what it was like when they were winning.