Greg Popcak sent along an item regarding the Catholic high school in Michigan that was offering a lunch with the pro-abortion Catholic governor as an item up for bid in a fundraising auction. Last week, the nuns running the school pulled the lunch item to almost universal acclaim, but now we hear the nuns have flip-flopped.

    Dr. Monica Migliorino-Miller, director of the Stop Granholm Church and Truth Project, criticized Mercy’s flip-flop, “Mercy president Sr. Doelker should not be persuaded by the pro-abortion Detroit Free Press and ex-nun Agnes Mansour, a longtime abortion radical.  We hope Cardinal Maida will take a courageous stand.”

    Miller promised that Catholics would continue to protest Mercy’s decision, and that tolerance should not lead Mercy to honor [Gov. Jennifer] Granholm, “A Catholic school should not champion just any women. Racist women shouldn’t be honored and neither should pro-abortion politicians, because they commit grave injustice and flaunt Church teaching.”

    [Mercy High School alumna Rosemarie] Denton described her disgust at Mercy’s flip-flop, “Granholm isn’t rejecting a peripheral or unclear Church teaching – abortion is murder and the Church demands that Catholic politicians protect preborn children. California Governor Gray Davis’s bishop recently discouraged him from receiving communion, the most holy Catholic sacrament, because he implements pro-abortion policy.  Cardinal Maida and Bishop Mengeling should do the same.”

I was not among those applauding the Mercy Sisters for their “courage” in pulling the item from their auction in the first place. It’s not like no one knew where Granholm stood on the issue beforehand so allowing the “prize” in the first place was not ignorance, but negligence. The only reason they pulled it was due to pressure from outside groups. That’s not courage; it’s accession to reality. But now it looks like they don’t even have that.

Mansour, the ex-nun and pro-abort, threatened to resign from the school board because of the revocation of the Granholm lunch offer. What was she doing on the board in the first place? In fact, I think that’s a greater problem than the Granholm lunch ever was. I’m afraid that the students at Mercy High School are not getting a very good lesson in Catholic moral principles. It’s up to Cardinal Maida to provide the definitive lesson. I hope he does.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli