Federally funded fake research

Federally funded fake research

Some AIDS researchers receiving a $1 million federal grant were found to have faked their data. This federally funded sex research has come under fire recently, after a Northwestern University professor paid women to watch pornography so he could measure their arousal. But then liberals complained that investigating the federally funded research was “scientific McCarthyism” and turned it into a “political football.”

Ahem, looks like somebody was right to worry. These researchers faked their data to show that a “safe sex” AIDS program aimed at inner city teens in Baltimore was effective than it really was.

The American have a right to be assured that they are getting what they are paid for, and that includes scrutinizing how individual dollars spent. Scientists are not above question. The arrogance is amazing. It’s almost like they’re saying, “Give me my damn money and shut up.” Another oligarchy looking down its nose at the common man.