Exile for Saddam?

Exile for Saddam?

About a week ago, I mentioned on this blog that I thought the flurry of diplomatic activity by the Vatican meant there was some backroom work on a deal to end the Iraq crisis peacefully, specifically by sending Saddam into exile. Looks like I may be right.

    The March 9 edition of the Glasgow Sunday Herald reported that the Pope was a driving forced behind an initiative that would give Saddam Hussein and 50 of his military leaders a last chance to leave Iraq and thus to avert military action. The Sunday Herald report said that the plan was being discussed at the UN Security Council.

Here’s hoping Saddam is not as stupid as he is evil and gets while the getting is good. While I don’t think him living the high life in exile is the best possible outcome, it is certainly preferable to having our men and women in uniform as well as innocent Iraqi citizens put in the line of fire.

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Domenico Bettinelli