Even pro-aborts think Peterson should be charged

Even pro-aborts think Peterson should be charged

According to a poll on the Fox News web site, even 76% of self-identified pro-choicers think Scott Peterson should be charged with the murder of his unborn child as well as his wife Laci. What that says to me is that, except for the radical pro-abort fringe, most Americans are not really convinced that the unborn child is just a mass of tissue. It shows that they are muddled in their thinking about the issue. It’s also slightly disturbing.

In their thinking, why should Peterson be charged with murder of the child if they believe that Laci was within her rights to go to her local abortionist to have him killed? Is it only a person worthy of protection under the law if she decides it is? That sets a dangerous precedent for society when the rights of an individual are set at the whim of another.

By the way, the wording of the poll’s results show how it is dangerous to take such things at face value. The story ends with the following paragraph:

The number of pro-life and pro-choice Americans has held steady for over two years. Today, about half of Americans (49 percent) say they are pro-choice on the issue of abortion and 41 percent say they are pro-life.

What does it mean to be pro-life or pro-choice? Did they give the respondents definitions? Is someone who think abortion should be legal only in cases of rape and incest pro-choice or pro-life? How about someone who says it should be legal when both the mother’s and baby’s lives are in danger? Different members of the two groups would have different answers. 

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli