Ed Peters right again

Ed Peters right again

Ed Peters of the Canon Law blog is once again right on in his assessment of the Dontee Stokes verdict. (In fact, I think I got that line about juries v. judges from him.) The “message of hope” from that trial appears to be that you can shoot your abuser and not go to jail. Open season!

And in the entry before that, he talks about friendly fire when a Mexican bishop praised Cardinal Law and seemed to excuse his actions. It’s a very interesting aspect of the whole situation that South American prelates, in addition to the ones in Rome, seem to have leapt completely to the defense of Law, excusing his shortcomings and mistakes, as he put it himself. Perhaps it’s the different culture, one which looks at the State with suspicion and in which the press is more overtly hostile and biased against the Church.

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Domenico Bettinelli