Defending the Church

Defending the Church

There’s a web site called that mainly offers forums where Bostonians can gather and chat, links to Boston-related content online, and also a blog about Boston-based blogs. Once in a while, they’ll highlight one of my posts for which I’m grateful. Most recently, they linked to a post about the grand jury report on the Rockville Centre diocese. However, their post started out with this statement:

    Domenico has been busy of late defending the Catholic Church from critics of its handling of the sex-abuse scandal. But he says sometimes the church’s worst enemies are within.

I suppose it’s a fair assessment, but I replied in a comment to offer slightly different tack:

    I wouldn’t say I defend the Church from critics of its handling of the Scandal. You can’t defend that. What I do is point out what I see as the root causes of the Scandal and offer possible solutions. But then I also don’t spare those on every side who are using the Scandal to (a) get rich, (b) get notoriety, or (c) push their own pet agenda.

Actually, what I should have said in the first sentence is that I will defend the Church, but I don’t defend the bishops. Their handling of the Scandal can’t be defended.

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Domenico Bettinelli