A politically liberal Jesuit’s disconnect from the Democrat Party

A politically liberal Jesuit’s disconnect from the Democrat Party

The Denver Catholic Register reprints an article from America magazine by a politically liberal Jesuit who has tells us why he’s feeling disenchanted with the Democrat Party. While I find myself disagreeing with Father’s characterization of the Republican Party’s and its fiscal policies (good Catholics can do so), I agree with his assessment of what the Democrats have become.

    One thing the Democrats really stand for, however, is abortion call the cardinal’s residence. Bishop Daily, he came down. A conversation occurred. The chief and the bishop agreed the bishop would handle this. (Kelley) would go to some place. My vague recollection is New Mexico. Never saw him, never heard of him. No follow up.”

The article then goes on to blame the bishop, rightfully. But it doesn’t question the actions of the police chief. Why didn’t he press charges? Why did he sweep it under the rug?

This isn’t an isolated case either. We’ve seen multiple reports of police, prosecutors, and judges letting priests off the hook for any number of crimes, from sex abuse to drunken driving. (At least in this case it appears the beat cops tried to do something about this, but were overruled.) We’ve scoffed at the bishops claiming that the “Church was on a learning curve” in relation to adult men having sex with boys. Should we be any more credulous when law enforcement says it?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli