Could this be why Dupre departed?

Could this be why Dupre departed?

Huh. On Tuesday, Bishop Thomas Dupre of Springfield, Mass., was confronted with allegations he is a sexual abuser by the local newspaper. On Wednesday he resigns, citing health problems. That’s odd timing, isn’t it?

Once again, we don’t know if the allegations or true and only a thorough investigation will bear them out, but if it walks like a duck…

Dupre allegedly sexually abused two minors beginning in the 1970s, according to the mother of one of the victims. After failed attempts to speak to Dupre about the allegations, the newspaper submitted a detailed list of questions via email to diocesan spokesman Mark Dupont Tuesday.

Within hours, Dupre checked into an undisclosed medical facility outside the diocese for undisclosed treatment. His ailments are not considered life threatening, according to diocesan officials.

If you’re not guilty, then don’t act like it. Running out of town suddenly without telling anyone where you’re going after an accusation like that has been made and without answering the accusation tends to make people believe it. If he’s not guilty, then he’s very dumb. Of course, dumb and guilty are not mutually exclusive either.

More interesting questions:

  • Since Dupre had been saying for a while that he might resign for health problems, this wasn’t a sudden ailment. So why did he resign without a successor being ready?

  • And why the sudden resignation if, as they say, the problems are not life-threatening?

  • Why did these health problems suddenly crop up only a couple weeks after receiving the first accusation from the mother of the first alleged victim? It was only then that Dupre started saying he might have to resign early because of his health problems. Was he setting the stage for a quick departure?