Civic Duty Week

Civic Duty Week

It’s Civic Duty Week here at Specifically, today I go out and vote (I’m already holding my nose) and on Thursday, I have jury duty.

Voting seems kind of pointless when you’re a conservative in Massachusetts. There’s almost never anyone you want to vote for. I will vote for Mitt Romney for governor, just because I think he will be less bad than Shannon O’Brien. I can’t believe I have to say it, but he’s less rabidly for abortion. Oh joy. I’ll also vote to abolish the state income tax (will never pass), to end bilingual education (has a chance), and to end the charade called “Clean Elections” (no idea what will happen). What I’m most looking forward to today is the end of political advertising. Living in Massachusetts, I get to watch all the New Hampshire political ads which seem to outnumber the local ads on local TV 2 to 1. Hey, get your own TV stations and stop bugging us.

As far as jury duty goes, it will be in Lynn District Court. If you know anything about the Boston area, you know that the likelihood of my being impaneled goes way up being in Lynn. But once I tell them that I am a journalist, out I go. People who actually pay attention to the news aren’t wanted by lawyers. What a great system—those least involved in the world around them are the lynchpin of the justice system. No wonder it’s so messed up.

Anyway, I’m hopeful for the rest of the country and that we might just pick up enough congressional seats that will vote to approve President Bush’s judicial nominees and start sending pro-life judges to the benches ... or at least judges who aren’t so ardently judicially active and liberal.

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Domenico Bettinelli