Choir boy Teddy

Choir boy Teddy

There’s a sideshow to the California governor’s race going on here in Massachusetts. Republican Gov. Mitt Romney has been working on behalf of Schwarzenegger and this week an aide to Romney made the remark that when Romney ran against Ted Kennedy for the Senate seat in 1994, Romney heard similar rumors about Ted’s philandering but didn’t make an issue of it.

You’d have thought Mitt had called Ted a racist or a homophobe. The roof fell in with all kinds of approbation for Mitt, and Romney ran from the remarks saying his aides certainly shouldn’t have said that. But does anyone seriously believe that the rumors about Ted’s boorish behavior toward women isn’t true. At the rape trial of his nephew William Kennedy-Smith, we heard testimony about Ted running around his Palm Beach mansion pants-less, leering at and propositioning women. Of course, Ted, like Clinton, has gotten a pass on his groping and abusing women because he’s a pro-abortion liberal. Arnold’s only mistake was that he’s running as a Republican. If he were a Democrat, he’s liberal enough to have his many sins forgiven like Ted and Bill.

The hypocrisy of so many in politics is astounding. Massachusetts’ congressman Barney Frank’s boyfriend ran a gay brothel out of their Washington townhouse, yet he criticized both Mitt and Arnold. And liberal reporters at places like the Boston Globe let them get away with it, but never seem to let Republicans or conservatives do likewise. And they claim there’s no liberal bias.