On Chocolate Crosses and Irreverence

On Chocolate Crosses and Irreverence

Melanie writes today over at Aleteia on chocolate crosses and the criticism that they are irreverent or even blasphemous. Except, we have a long tradition in the Church of consuming food shipped like crosses, lambs, the Eucharist, even hammer and nails and crown of thorns.

Our faith is incarnational. Our God makes himself manifest. He comes to us under the appearance of bread and wine and demands that we gnaw on his flesh, drink his blood. These little ones are too young to partake in the Eucharistic feast, but they can begin to understand the symbolism remotely with these lesser feasts of spiced bread and chocolate crosses. And a careful mother can sneak in a little catechism lesson while they munch on their goodies.

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Domenico Bettinelli