Cavuto-1, Ivy League snob-0

Cavuto-1, Ivy League snob-0

Neil Cavuto, Fox News financial editor, responded on Friday to a journalism professor who chided him for not being impartial, which in his parlance obciously means making a moral equivalence between the US and Saddam. it’s a scary thing when journalism professors don’t even know what unbiased reporting is.

I will correct Neil on one thing though. He says:

So am I slanted and biased? You damn well bet, professor.

I’m more in favor of a system that let’s me say what I’m saying here than one that’d kill me for doing the same thing over there.

You have the right to be the self-absorbed, condescending imbecile you apparently are and I have the right to tell you that. You didn’t give me that right, professor. My country did.

Actually your country doesn’t give you that right; God did. Your country only guarantees and protects that right. That’s why we say everyone in the world has the right to freedom and liberty.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli