Catholic Charities feeling its oats

Catholic Charities feeling its oats

Now that Cardinal Law is out of the way, Catholic Charities of Boston is feeling pretty bold. The group that is neither “Catholic” nor a “Charity” anymore has decided that since Cardinal Law is gone, they can disobey his order that they not take money from Voice of the Faithful. Actually, they didn’t wait until he resigned, but did it while he was in Rome preparing to do the deed. Another profile in courage (or greed?) My hope is that since Bishop Lennon is now apostolic administrator and has the powers to do it, should assert that he is in control and take some action.

By the way has anyone else noticed that Voice of the Faithful hasn’t increased by one member in the past eight months? They still claim 25,000 members, the same number they’ve been quoting since April. And didn’t they once claim that they were going to raise over a million dollars from angry Catholics to bypass the archdiocese and give directly to ministries? That $56,000 seems paltry in comparison.

I’ll be interested to see whether VOTF retains popular support now that the object of their ire, the cardinal, is gone. I think a lot of people are going to think “mission accomplished” and quietly return to their pews.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli