Missing the point

Missing the point

Once again, Bill Cork misunderstands me. In a couple of posts (here and here) I mentioned that an inner-city Catholic school is teaching the mainly black students a “black” national anthem.

Bill says it’s a fine song, but that wasn’t the point of my post and concentrating just on the song removes the whole thing from context. Here’s what I wrote with a quote from the original news article.

    I was puzzled by one thing I read in the article, about St. Joseph former Boston seminarian was fired as a teacher at a North Carolina Catholic school. The bishop there had hired him despite warnings from Cardinal Law that the guy had been tossed from the seminary and the transitional diaconate because of sex abuse.

    The Charlotte diocese now apologizes and says the hiring of the guy was a breach of trust.

    It seems that Cardinal Law didn’t always try to shuffle pedophiles and problem priests around and that he did try to do the right thing on several occasions.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli