Cardinal George speaks out

Cardinal George speaks out

Cardinal Francis George of Chicago sees the reason why falsities like gay marriage can come to pass, like in the recent court ruling in Massachusetts:

“If this is a democracy, then it is legislatures that make the laws. ... If people don’t like the laws, they can recall their legislators,” George said. “But we can’t touch judges, so it’s a dictatorship of judges.

“If that continues, then I think people will lose faith in our own system of government, because it’s clearly not democratic.”

But liberals don’t like democray. They would rather impose their social engineering on the unthinking, backward proletariat from above. And after a relentless campaign of propaganda, they will accept it as the normal course of things. In 1973, the vast majority of Americans believed abortion to be an abomination that should remain illegal. Thirty years of force-fed liberal ideology later and most Americans think it should be legal in at least some cases. Thirty years from now, will we be so blase about gay marriage?