But what about…?

But what about…?

The US bishops’ conference has a vocations web site that profiles “religious men and women worth knowing.” It lists them A to Z by their occupations. Here they are: AIDS worker, bus traveler, certified clown, doctor, environmentalist, fiber artist, gardener, homeless advocate, immigrant worker, justice and peace worker, Kookaburra watcher, leader-dog trainer, masseuse at Ground Zero, nurse, opera singer/fire marshal/celebrity magnet, puppeteer/clown/writer/artist, quilter, renovator of homes, shepherd, tattoo remover, unconscious explorer, veterinarian, World Trade Center counselor, xenophobia buster, youth leader, zany brainy.

Funny, but I don’t see contemplative, evangelist, missionary, preacher of the Gospel in there. Granted, some of those are quite important valid professions: doctor, nurse, counselor, youth leader. But what makes them different from lay people who do those jobs?

My favorites? Clown (two of those!), tattoo remover, and unconscious explorer. I’m an unconscious explorer, too … at night … when I’m dreaming.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli