Bishop Lennon to meet with VOTF

Bishop Lennon to meet with VOTF

The Boston Globe reports that Bishop Lennon will meet with Jim Post of Voice of the Faithful today. According to the article, Post will ask Lennon to lift the ban on new chapters of VOTF forming in parishes and to accept the money that VOTF raised. Of course, the money does not come without strings attached. If he accepts the money, Lennon will legitimize VOTF in the archdiocese and will hand it leverage and prestige that it does not deserve.

Bishop Lennon, as the interim head of the archdiocese, should maintain Cardinal Law’s policies regarding VOTF and let the new archbishop of Boston make his own determination regarding the group. All that Bishop Lennon should do in this meeting is to ask VOF what its intentions are and what it means by “keep the faith, change the Church.” In other words, he should act as a pastor trying to shepherd souls away from danger.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli