Bishop Daily’s interview with the Times

Bishop Daily’s interview with the Times

Bishop Daily of Brooklyn gave an interview to the New York Times. I don’t mind him comparing his troubles to the carrying of the cross and to it being God’s will. Christ carried the cross for others’ sins, but we usually carry the cross for our own. And that is indeed God’s will and His mercy that we suffer for it in this life so that we may not suffer for it in the next.

But one bit of the article stuck out: “He has been reading the writings of Edith Stein, a nun killed at Auschwitz and later canonized, and said he identified with her. He added that if he felt the people of the diocese no longer supported him, he would have no choice but to step down.” I was taken aback a bit by that comment. The difference is that Edith Stein was persecuted because she was a former Jew and because she was a witness to Christ. Bishop Daily is being “persecuted” because he knew a priest advocated sex between men and boys and assigned him to a parish anyway and ignored the voices of those who protested.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli