Big announcement from Catholic World News

Big announcement from Catholic World News

Blegging alert: Subscribers to Catholic World News have just been given an opportunity to extend their subscriptions for free while sharing the benefits of CWN with friends and family.

For each new subscriber that you get to sign up for a full year’s subscription to CWN, you get 2 free months of CWN added to your subscription. So if you get 6 friends to sign up, you get your year’s subscription for free. If you can get six people to sign up per year, you’ll never have to pay for a CWN subscription again.

Subscriptions for CWN are $30 per year (about 15 cents a day) which includes up to a dozen news stories every weekday (except holidays), our exclusive News Byte service, and access to Sound Off! where the reader gets to add his own comments to the news of the day.

I think it’s a good deal, but then I’m biased. By the way, make sure to sign up for our free weekly newsletter while you’re there. No cost, no obligation.

And for those of you who are really industrious and sign up way more than 6 people, stay tuned. We may have a way for you to turn all those extra months of subscription into dollars.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli