Attaboy: Molly Ivins - Incredible Idiocy

Attaboy: Molly Ivins - Incredible Idiocy

Joe at the Attaboy blog read Molly Ivins’ column on last Sunday’s March for (taking unborn) Women’s Lives and was quite predictably cheesed about it. (Reading Molly Ivins was your first mistake, Joe.)

In any case, Joe highlights and responds to Ivins’ various idiocies and illogical conclusions, like this one:

She then makes this incredible observation, attempting to make the event sound like some kind of company family picnic:

What was amazing was the march’s intergenerational aspect…almost everyone came as family, ranging from Gloria Steinem, now 70, to Ann Richards’ granddaughters. Pregnant women for choice flecked the crowd, marching for their unborn sons and daughters.

Now this is some kind of twisted logic. Pregnant women marching for the “rights” of their unborn sons and daughters? You mean like the right for those pregnant women to go into a clinic and eliminate their unborn sons and daughters? Based on some of the commentary that came out of these women, I’m surprised someone didn’t convince those pregnant women to publicly have an abortion right there at the march in full view of the Washington Monument. That was the point of the whole thing, wasn’t it? What kind of mothers are those women going to be?

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Domenico Bettinelli