As big as Boston or Chicago?

As big as Boston or Chicago?

Here is the Washington Times story I referenced in the last entry.

A network of child-molester priests, it says, operated out of a parish in Prince George’s County from the 1960s through the 1980s. “Dozens” of boys, it says, ages 8 to 16, were treated as “sexual servants” by priests.

Only one of the accused priests has been removed for sex abuse allegations.

The law firm said it has not yet filed a lawsuit. It said that some of the victims met with archdiocesan officials, who listened, thanked them, and that was it. Others were offered therapy, and one of them says that the therapist hit on him at the end of the session.

Ironically, Washington had received commendations in the big audit that was just completed, although that audit measured compliance with implementing the Charter for Protection of Young People since it was approved in 2002 and has nothign to do with old allegations.

Just when you think the big stuff from the Scandals is winding down, it pops up again. Will they never learn that you can’t cover up this stuff? Of course, until we address the real reasons for the Scandal, nothing will really get accomplished.