Arnett hired

Arnett hired

Quick again. RC says in a comment in yesterday’s post that Peter Arnett has already been hired, by London’s Daily Mirror. The front-page headline of the tabloid says, “Fired by America for telling the truth.” And showing how shallow yesterday’s groveling apology was:

“I am still in shock and awe at being fired,” Arnett wrote for the newspaper, which is vehemently opposed to the war. “I report the truth of what is happening here in Baghdad and will not apologize for it.”

Never mind the bad taste of using “shock and awe” in this context, he now says he won’t apologize, even though he did so yesterday. Or he didn’t, did he? He only apologized for making people mad.

He shows even more why he should continue to be ignored and why everything he reports must be suspect.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli