Archdiocese reinstates Foster after 2d probe

Archdiocese reinstates Foster after 2d probe

The Archdiocese of Boston reinstated Msgr. Michael Foster again. At least until the next time the accuser changes his mind and levels an accusation.

Summary: A guy accuses Foster and another now-dead priest of abusing him when he was young. People come forward to say the accusations were impossible because, for example, the trip to New York where the guy said Foster abused him in a hotel room didn’t include an overnight stay. His evidence crumbles, his lawyer bails out, and the judge throws out his lawsuit “with prejudice.” The archdiocese reinstates Foster. The guy meets with diocesan officials for the first time(!) and re-accuses Foster. Foster’s out again and another investigation opens.

There is a problem in the system if any accusation, no matter how incredible, can be leveled, determined to be false, leveled again, and force another investigation. Justice was not done for Msgr. Foster and it’s shameful how he was treated. The article says that Foster was cleared two weeks ago, but it wasn’t announced until yesterday. Why?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli